And so begins another designers tail of woe and ill-luck…

As previously mentioned, I've been working on the 16-page Hopman Cup magazine. I had around a week to do it (on top of other work) and that last year, I had twice as much time! I somehow managed finish, and I revisited my Red Bull problem to do it. So I thought a super-blury sneak peek was in order.

Now to the woe and ill-luck...
Given how much stuff I had to fit into certain pages and how much space I lacked for it all, I had to approach this whole project with a "What can't I do with this page?" sort of attitude. It's not something I would normally do or suggest, but given the circumstances and the crazy-ass deadline, I didn't have much choice.

Then two days ago, I discovered that the template I was working off of was the wrong size! So I spent the next day frantically fixing every single page. This sort of shit really does happen! It took ages because it threw out text on every page and I had to use practically every trick I knew to fix it all. Plus, ad shapes changed and a player pulled out of the comp last-minute.

I'm happy with how most of it turned out, and yes, some parts aren't so great. I didn't have much say over the cover this time round. I chose different pictures for it and had a different sort of look and feel, but they kinda steam-rolled me, which is a little disappointing because I had complete creative control over it last year. Oh well, it happens all the time in the industry...

Anyway, it comes out next Saturday. Please take into consideration that I managed to pull a 16-page mass-distributed publication out of my ass in around a week before you judge too harshly! 

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