Yeah, I'm pretty over it now. This time, it was the Hopman Cup 4-page Wrap. A walk in the park, compared to that whole magazine nightmare. Again, I didn't have any say over the cover image, and the Sports Editor actually said "make it yellow" this time! But hey, at least I got to do the cover of the paper 2 days in a row. Наша Ана је на прву страницу! Ми ће мо пребити сви!
I've also include a bit of the magazine as well, now that I've had some time to reflect. I don't hate it quite as much anymore. I mean, it's not the best thing I've ever done, but I put it up anyway. If you haven't already, read this post first. I chucked a humongous sad! It's actually quite funny now, I was SO PISSED when I wrote it! HAPPY NEW YEAR, by the way...
And for some bazaar reason, the pictures look a little pixelated. if you click on individual ones, they open up larger in a new window.

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