See, I totally have been doing stuff!

To celebrate over 50 visits to my blog (most of which weren't me, surprisingly), I have a rather long-overdue post to share! That is, of course, if anyone still cares after nearly six months of inactivity. I have actually been doing stuff, work stuff mostly. Not too much personal project stuff unfortunately.

Occasionally I get bigger jobs and back in late-September, I was given the Commonwealth Games liftout to do. Eight pages and around a week to do it. I'm pretty happy with how most of it turned out, but they wanted the logo nice and big on the cover. My favourite parts are the events schedule on the back and the TV viewing guide. By the way, I have pretty bad lighting in my room.

I'm currently working on the Hopman Cup 16-page magazine, and I've got less than a week to do the whole thing (on top of other work). I'm starting to freak out a little because I had twice as much time last year. I'm used to crazy deadlines by now, but this is a little ridiculous! Ahh whatever, I'll manage somehow (and make it look good too, I hope).

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