I don't know why, but turtles always seem to have annoyed-looking expressions
Now that I've painstakingly set up my printer, I finally got a chance to scan in and print the first part of my turtle paper toy... to discover that I messed it up a little. I already knew it needed a bit of work though, so I wasn't surprised or anything. I only just finished the initial sketches after all...

And so begins the "Trial and Error" portion of my paper toy design process. Which is basically: Fix — Print — Construct — Repeat... until it's perfect. At which point, it should start taking shape and look as I intended it.

Then, when I'm completely satisfied with the template, comes the really fun part! I finally get to add colour and put on the finishing touches that make it look AWESOME!!!

I may only have a munted, disembodied head right now, but as I mentioned earlier, there's still a lot to do before it actually starts looking like something. So check back every now and then, to see how it's going!

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