Lazy cat is lazy...

Miyagi sleeping on my beanbag… His beanbag, I should say!
So, what have I been doing lately? The short answer... Reading heaps of Manga. I also quit the Red Bull, again. I am now 1 month sober!

I caught the flu a few weeks back (during summer, I know) and had to take a whole week off work, so I started reading Manga online. Being sick is REALLY BORING!

But anyway, BACK TO WORK!!! I still have a couple of things to take care of, then it's BACK TO WORK!!! I was going to set up my shiny new printer... But, there were all these cords and cartridges and manuals and I kinda gave up cause it was late and I couldn't be bothered figuring it out. Why can't it just magically work when you plug it in? At least it's sitting on my desk now, instead of a box.

Here's a funny rant about why printers were sent from hell to make us miserable! From The Oatmeal. SOOOOO FUNNY!!!

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