WTF stamp FTW!

A Designer I work with came back from Sydney today, and he brought back a few little goodies for us. They're called Typo Tramp Stamps from Typo Shop. There's WTF, Crap, Hate This, Fuck Off and This Sucks.
Anyway, it's the most awesome presents EVER!!!

*** Amendment 8.5.11 ***
Since this post was written, I discovered that a Typo store was opened here in Perth back in December. It's upstairs in Harbor Town. So now, these motivational stamps can be yours too! I bought a new one I didn't even know existed... Bullshit.


  1. haha i'd like to see these stamps used for grading school papers :P

  2. Someone should be stamped on the head with a WTF! I have the OMG stamp, I love typo.