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*** The online shopping series. Part 1: Accessories ***
So, here's the first instalment of my Online Shopping series!!! I mainly shop at two large sites: ThinkGeek and Urban Outfitters, however the best place I've found so far, for cheaper nice-brand watches is Watchismo

ThinkGeek specialise in really AWESOME nerdy toys, decor, clothes, office goods, accessories and a whole range of things you didn't know you always wanted. Urban Outfitters have all kinds of things, check it out for yourself and see how fantastic they are!

Next time, I'll show you some really cool/nerdy office goods that'll have heads turning... and not in an Exorcist kinda way! There'll be plenty more bad jokes where that came from...
Chocolate Walnut iPhone 4 skin from KARVT

These are made form really thin slices of wood and come in many different varieties.
Icon watch designed by &design, available from Pocketo
Icon watch again, as modelled by yours truly!
Caffeine molecule necklace designed by Made With Molecules, available at ThinkGeek
Tattoo etched ID case, no longer available at Urban Outfitters. Sorry, really bad lighting.
Too bad for you!
Ladies Veiled Dial Watch designed by Philippe Starck for Fossil, available at Watchismo
Branch Bobby Pins, available from Urban Outfitters
BDG Double strap checkbook wallet, no longer available from Urban Outfitters
It's a shame, it's really nice! ^_^ Also, all these photos were take by me, Dijana Jovanovic.


So cheap it's FREE!

A lot of people I know have iPhones, including people in the office. If I had to put my finger on it, the only drawback is that you have to buy ringtones from iTunes. The standard ringtones that come with it really suck and because most people I know are kinda stingy, I have to listen to them all day. But then again, $2.19 for one ringtone is a little unreasonable.

Getting back to my point, a little while ago, I discovered an awesome site called Audiko that lets you search for a song you want, download a particular section of it, then open it with iTunes and it all magically works. Not to mention it's all FREE! I've downloaded several already, and everything's fine. Suck on that, Apple!

*** BIG NEWS ***
Due to overwhelming interest (okay, more like 5 people from around the office who think the stuff on my desk is pretty nifty), I'll be starting an ongoing series about the coolest things I've found online. It'll include where I shop as well as who designed the things I bought. After a while, you'll probably start thinking that I'm single-handedly keeping the US economy afloat! But anyway, stay tuned, it'll be awesome!

It might take a day or two since I'm taking all the photos myself... But it's fun!


What's round, flat, awesome, and spins?

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine, Don Lamond and His Orchestra: Off Beat Percussion
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade: Provocative Percussion, Impact Sound: Swingin' Band
Henry Krips: Concert Waltzes, Enoch Light and the Light Brigade: Provocative Percussion Vol 2
Françoise Hardy: Strange Shadows 2LP (front/back)

I may have mentioned a little while ago that I got a record player. So I wanted to do a little show-and-tell of the coolest LP covers I have so far. I particularly love the El Lissitzky inspired Kraftwerk cover. It's bright red and geometric! The percussive jazz albums really KICK ASS in case anyone was wondering.


Something with numbers

Look, numbers! All that's left are a few letters and the special characters, then I'll start putting it together in Illustrator. Being so close to the end sure is fun. I almost forgot that nice feeling I get when I actually finish what I start. ^_^

Progress and problem solving

Things were going pretty well, until I couldn't figure out how I was going to do "V". I did a few sketches of how I wanted it to look, but I couldn't quite get the angle right. Then it occurred to me, why not use a strip of paper and just fold it into shape!!! I really should have figured it out sooner... It's so simple it's annoying.
Also, I find it slightly ironic that all my Primary School teachers thought my handwriting was ghastly, and here I am designing fonts!!! Ha-haaa fancy that!

By the way, I did end up getting my hair done, since Judgement Day got postponed. Then it's the Dentist tomorrow morning. Oh joy...


Progress and Doom!

I'm up to "T"
I did say in the previous post that "it'll be finished in the next few days". Given that I've actually worked on it a bit, it could very well happen...

On an entirely different note, some nut-bags in America think Judgement Day is tomorrow. They payed these atheists $135 in advance to mind their pets when they transcend or whatever. No joke, this was in the paper! Read more here. They've made at least $30,000. So anyway, hope you guys didn't have plans this weekend lol. I was getting my hair done, but all I have to look forward now is IMPENDING DOOM!!! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^
However, I will avoid getting a filling next week, so it's not all bad!


Нови Фонт!

Konstruction Sans - Novi
After updating my logo a little for the new blog design, I decide to create another version of my logos display font to match. It's a slightly cooler, tweaked version of the original and it'll include all the accents and special characters. When it's done, it'll look like the text in the heading above.
Anyway, it'll be finished in the next few days... That is, if I don't get distracted again. I just got a new record player, it's very awesome! Everything's so much cooler on vinyl...