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*** The online shopping series. Part 1: Accessories ***
So, here's the first instalment of my Online Shopping series!!! I mainly shop at two large sites: ThinkGeek and Urban Outfitters, however the best place I've found so far, for cheaper nice-brand watches is Watchismo

ThinkGeek specialise in really AWESOME nerdy toys, decor, clothes, office goods, accessories and a whole range of things you didn't know you always wanted. Urban Outfitters have all kinds of things, check it out for yourself and see how fantastic they are!

Next time, I'll show you some really cool/nerdy office goods that'll have heads turning... and not in an Exorcist kinda way! There'll be plenty more bad jokes where that came from...
Chocolate Walnut iPhone 4 skin from KARVT

These are made form really thin slices of wood and come in many different varieties.
Icon watch designed by &design, available from Pocketo
Icon watch again, as modelled by yours truly!
Caffeine molecule necklace designed by Made With Molecules, available at ThinkGeek
Tattoo etched ID case, no longer available at Urban Outfitters. Sorry, really bad lighting.
Too bad for you!
Ladies Veiled Dial Watch designed by Philippe Starck for Fossil, available at Watchismo
Branch Bobby Pins, available from Urban Outfitters
BDG Double strap checkbook wallet, no longer available from Urban Outfitters
It's a shame, it's really nice! ^_^ Also, all these photos were take by me, Dijana Jovanovic.

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