Black soup!

"B" is for Blog
Yes, this post is about a scribble on a post-it note... Sorta.

Yesterday, I started a new blog, BLACK SOUP! Devoted to my new-found love of vinyl. There, you'll find the coolest LP covers I've come across so far, as well as tracks from my very own collection that I uploaded myself (it wasn't easy to figure out either).

So what does a letter on a post-it note have to do with any of this? I've started designing the logo, heading and background art. This "B" is a little sneak-peek of the soon-to-be logo. I've already done a few posts, so check it out in the next week or so, when it's all pretty-looking! Or maybe even now, if you have a chance... If you missed the two previous links, here it is again! black-soup.blogspot.com

I can guarantee there'll be music you've never heard before!!!

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