This is yet another update on the new typeface I'm working on. So, I finished the numbers and special characters and thought to myself "Why stop there?" I then started making Cyrillic characters for both Serbian and Russian! This is my first attempt at Russian Cyrillic, but there are only a few extra characters that make the Russian Alphabet different from Serbian and they look pretty similar anyway.
I stayed up half the night working on it, I find it quite exciting —  another sign that I need to get a life. My favourite letter is "ж".

I also went shopping yesterday and came back with some really great records and a rather nifty flask (or water bottle, depending on your perspective). I found it in Dangerfeild, upstairs in the enex100 building on Hay St Mall.

In case you were wondering, "на здоровье" is the Russian equivelent of "cheers", and it's "живели" in Serbian!

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