The coolest kid in the office

*** Online shopping series. Part 2: Office ***
Alright alright, my cubicle is cool, at the very least. However, there aren't that many people on my floor under 25, so who knows?
Anyway, here are the most awesome office goods I've been able to find so far. Again, they're mostly  from ThinkGeek. The "World of DorkCraft" mousepad was a gift to my sister. Her boyfriend got her into playing WOW, and she gave me crap for being a nerd so I thought this was perfect!

Mini Shopping Cart Desk Organiser, available from ThinkGeek
Sharpener Desk Tidy designed by Suck UK, available from Kleen Design over East. You can find it in Urban Depot in Oxford St, Leederville from time to time.
"Customer Disservice" mousepad designed by Glennz, available from Despair Inc.
USB Owl, available from ThinkGeek
Here it is again, and no, that is not my Viking helmet
Mini Business Card File Cabinet, available from ThinkGeek
Like/Dislike Stamp Set, available from ThinkGeek
"World of DorkCraft" mousepad, available from Despair Inc.
Golden Robot USB, available from ThinkGeek
And again, these photos were all taken by me, Dijana Jovanovic

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