Football Pool-party!

Ever wondered how a Sports liftout cover comes together? Well, wonder no more!

Usually, Sport have something in mind. At times, they're quite specific — with sketches. Like today, for example...

They wanted Pool balls with team logos on them with a big "8" in the middle. Anyway, I had to magic it all up with a bunch of stock photos and my magical Photoshop powers! It was a pretty big job that ended up taking a lot longer than I expected. The background pic had to be extended up, I cloned big sections of it and it worked out okay. All the numbers had to be removed from the balls as well.
And then... I had to put a shadow on each ball because the pictures were taken on a white background, except for the 8-ball. I stole the 8-balls' shadow and used it for all the others, sneaky sneaky!
And then... I had to put the logos on each ball and warp/fade them a bit so they didn't just look flatly placed on. I admit, I could have done that a little better, but I only had a few hours to do the whole thing and I ran out of time! It's a newspaper after all!
I think it turned out rather well... considering.

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