How well do you know your anatomy?

So I was surfing the net today, for design purposes of course, to help finish off my font. While I was researching, I came across a really great site called Typography Deconstructed. It identifies and names all the fiddly parts of letters and it's a real help to little up-and-coming typeface designers/try-hards such as myself. Who knew the dot on a lowercase "i" and "j" is also known as a tittle!

In other news, I'm going to try learning how to drive soon. I went to the supermarket yesterday and found these magnetic L-plates and thought they'd be great guilt decorations. One for my cubicle and one for my room, as a little reminder of how sad I am. Well, I've been kinda busy, I studied a lot! But I'm totally going to have a license before I turn 25!

P.S. I got those iPhone app magnets from Urban Depot, Oxford St Leederville. 


  1. You're going to learn to drive? It's about time too. (I really doubt those Ls' are going to guilt you into doing anything...)

  2. They've already started to make me feel like a bit of a "L"oser... So that's something!