Look at the happy couple

What big teeth you have...
I went to the vending machine to make the most important decision of my day... Doritos or Cherry Ripe? And if anyone cares, Cherry Ripe won.
As I took my change, I got a little fright. The commemorative Royal Wedding 20¢ piece! I know that people never turn out well on coins, but this really takes the cake. If you come across one of these, I'm sure you'll agree it looks more like Zombie-Charles and some hideous looking Banshee, than Will and Kate. Then again, Charles did marry a hideous looking Banshee (zing).
I know the photo's a bit dodgy, but you try taking a close-up photo of a coin with a regular camera and see how that goes. This weirded me out a little today, just putting it out there.

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