Me grinning like a JACKASS... Again. This time with the Prime Minister!
PM Julia Gillard and Brett McCarthy (Editor of The West Australian)
I was working away, and all of a sudden JULIA GILLARD comes strolling down the corridor chatting with the Editor, and her security entourage in tow. So, I asked if I could take a picture!!! Then she asked me what my name was and if I wanted to take a picture WITH her... So there I am again, grining like a starstruck JACKASS. Then again, I did just meet the Prime Minster of Australia!!!
So she was just here for a bit to meet the Editor and have a look around, but her Press Secritary was running late, so she asked to have a bit of a tour and came up to the Editorial Department! 
I really want to point out that I don't always look that ghastly, that's my "I just met a famous person!" face. On a side note, the Editor of The West Australian took the photo for me!


  1. I totally see my desk in the background ... fame by inanimate object association!

  2. You were only gone a few weeks and you missed out on watching me make an ass of myself in front of the PRIME MINISTER!!!

    That same week, I met Shaun Tan! ^_^

    It's just non-stop excitement here!!! Who will I embarrass myself in front of next week? Hahahahahaha =D

  3. I miss all the exciting stuff ... PM's visit, the broccoli challenge. But surely it's only a matter of time before Danny Green turns up again, you definitely need a pic with him.