Still spinning...

Just a couple of new records I got online, I really like this style of illustration. Apparently, the artwork was done by "The Liars", who I can't seem to find at all.

Anyway, on the left we have "Turk Jerk" by Tandy Love. And on the right is, "Anagram Jam" by Tandy Love & Mad Smooth. They're pretty great and really hard to describe, very ethnic 70's psychedelic-ish. Here's what Fat City Records said, if that helps:

"All tracks are de-pipped with minimal pith and added juicy bits. Maximized, marmalised, shredded and preserved using the finest ingredients from the fruitful pastures of our pear shaped planet. The album truly is an international affair combining elements from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America & Spain." 

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