Attack of the Viking Queen!

 There are no words for this...
What the tour group would have seen as they walked past
Every Thursday, at around 5pm, a tour group goes past the Editorial Department. The guide always stops close to my cubicle and says "Here is the desk of the legendary Rob Broadfield" (or Gary Adshead, depending on who's there on the day). He never even mentions us designers or subs! Then they stop at the place where the SkyNews lady does weather readings.

Anyway, I was chatting with a co-worker and said "I should totally wear that Viking helmet the next time they come by, I'll sit at my desk and freak them out!" Then, all of a sudden, the tour group slowly started coming towards us! She dared me to do it... And I did!!! I could barely stop myself from cracking up! She said some guy was staring at me the whole time with a full-on WTF expression!

I should point out, it's not my Viking helmet. They're just randomly strewn throughout the office. I borrowed it from the guy sitting next to me. He also wore a random hat as the group walked past. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they won't forget it! Plus, I got an awesome new profile pic for my facebook page! ^_^

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