We're gonna need a montage

This was how the cover looked initially.
Damn you, Woodside!
I do a lot of graphs like this.
Look, another one!
At least I got to keep the LNG tanker in the strap. 
Here's a little liftout I worked on quite recently for Business. They specifically asked for a montage of LNG, iron ore mining and steel works, because that's what this conference thing was for. So I did the best I could.

Initially, I had the whole page to work with for the cover, and a few days later marketing sold an ad there so I had to change it. Then, on the day it was supposed to be sent, someone noticed that the ad had a similar picture of an LNG tanker. So, I had to use an LNG platform instead. It kinda messed up the composition, but I couldn't really do much about that. Damn you, Woodside!!! Ruining my cover!!!

I also did a few tables and graphs throughout as well. I should point out, I do graphs like that ALL the time. The tanker got to stay in the straps at least (the thing at the top of the page is called a strap in newspaper-talk).

This is what I do when I'm not busy meeting famous people...

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