When magic still existed...

I know I don't normally post music here or anything, but I discovered the most beautiful Classical piece I've ever heard and felt compelled to share it!!!

Yesterday, I went on a vinyl hunt at a couple of op shops in Osbourne Park. While sifting through the regular dross — Kamal, Liberace, country music — I came across a few early-60s Readers Digest 10-record box-sets. All in amazing condition too! {JACKPOT}

The track that really jumped out at me is "Lotus Land", composed in 1901 (I think) by Cyril Scott. It was originally a solo piano piece but the version on my record is an orchestral arrangement performed by Wally Stott and his "Sounds of Paradise" Orchestra. I had a look on YouTube afterwards and found that really nice duet version, which I think I like even more. It just seems more intimate with less instruments. However, I do find the orchestral version more enchanting. But that's just my humble opinion.

It's the sort of song that makes me believe magic must have existed once. The same kind of magic in Pre-Raphaelite paintings. But enough with the flowery loser-talk. If you have any interest in Classical Music at all, please listen to them both, you won't regret it. Trust me, I've listened to a LOT of Classical Music and I'm not one to exaggerate or use the word 'magical' so lightly!

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