Cream of the crop

It seems as though I've made a habit of scribbling sketches on post-it notes!
After a few weeks of idleness, it's back to work... SIDE PROJECT WORK ^_^

As some of you truly avid followers may remember, a month or so ago, I started up an new blog — Black Soup! Devoted to my new-found love of records and 50s/60s cover art. Not only do I post plenty of pictures, I upload really really awesome tracks from my collection too! Find out more here.

However, I was slightly slow to pretty it up, so to speak. I feel bad that I've left "Under construction" on the banner for quite a while! Now, it's on the top of my designer to-do list. That just means I'll probably finish it before the end of the month. Or maybe even sooner than that, it all depends on how motivated I get... 

Here's a little *MYSTERY TRACK*

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