Does it come in orange?

The 1974 Volkswagon Karman Ghia
I just love that grill
Behold, the Volkswagon Karmann Ghia, in all her citrusy glory!!! My dream car...

Originally designed in 1953 by Luigi Segre, as a classier high-end version of the Beetle. It was well-received as a prototype and went into production in 1955. What I love most is that gorgeous tiny double grill and the fact this baby manages to be cute and stylish at the same time, with a profile reminiscent of a 50s Jaguar.

"Of all the classic cars to be your dream car, why this one?" I hear you ask... The primary reason — most classic cars, though beautiful in themselves, are somewhat "over the top". I mean, I love tail fins as much as the next girl, but for me, the Karmann Ghia is "just enough".

So why the random post about a car? For no particular reason today, I went on carsales.com.au and randomly looked it up. I found 3 in WA, and as fate would have it, this one was ORANGE! It was $20,000 too, by the way. It's times like this that I kick myself for not being able to drive yet. But anyway, I don't normally go to car websites, so this could have been destiny! Kidding, kidding. Seriously though, I could totally see myself driving this baby... And before everyone goes and poops all over my dreams, I know that parts are probably hard to find/expensive and they most likely take loads of money and maintenance to keep on the road. But I can always dream... ^_^

The 1978 Vespa 150cc Sprint — my first love (via my old phone's dodgy camera)
Or the "orange death-trap", as my dad called it
Now to the bitter-sweet story of my first love...

Ah, we first met in the winter of '09, through the window of Planet Video. But unfortunately, it was not to be. My dad wasn't quite as smitten as I was. He wasn't so much against me buying a scooter, it was more the fact that it'd be hard to find parts and stuff... But all I heard was: "Blah blah blah death-trap, blah blah blah where are you going to find parts, huh? Blah blah blah NO!!!", except in Serbian. So from there, I spent many months trying to forget my sorrow and piece together the fragments of my broken heart. Looking at these photos again, I feel a slight twinge of sadness even still. My first love, however fleeting it may have been, will remain with me forever...

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