If I had a super power...

About a week ago, a co-worker asked me for a little favour... I don't normally do favours, but this one involved money. Like most little designers, I turn into a dancing monkey at the prospect of payment. But this was a pretty cool little project and I had some spare time, so I really didn't mind. Plus, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out too.

Anyway, my co-worker's friend was turning 60. So, as part of a larger present, my co-worker wanted a picture of them two together, but with the bodies of hot chicks! She would have asked her son to do it, but sometimes when you ask children for favours, it could get done anywhere between now and the end of the year. I have been guilty of that one myself a few times.

When it comes to substitution jobs like this, everything hinges on the right base photo. It wouldn't matter how magical your Photoshop powers are, if you have a bad base photo, no amount of magic can save it! Once I found the photo, it was all pretty easy. I even made the new bodies a little thinner as well. Does that make my evil? 

The only slightly tricky part was adding tone and shadow on the friends face, since it was a dusk shot and the others were in full sun. I'll admit I could have done it a bit better if I more time. Adding light and shadow, whilst matching the colours, is quite hard and one of the skills that separates Gods from mere mortals! In the end, I did 4 versions: colour, old picture colour, black/white and sepia. I liked the black/white one the most.
My co-worker

Her friend in Indonesia (her husband is kinda important so he's been pixelated)
A random pic I found online... They did have heads by the way!
And... Ta-DAAA!!!
This was another, somewhat larger, Photoshop favour that my boss asked me to do for different co-worker — during night-shifts, when there wasn't too much happening. This co-workers sister had these two photos of some hotel in California, and thought that there was some magical program that just gets rid of the people!!! But my co-worker knew you had to get an actual person to do it. 

It might not look like it took that long... BUT IT DID. Not to mention, it was fiddly as hell! The first one wasn't too bad, but that second one made me a little cranky! Rebuilding that wooden railing on that ramp was quite tricky. A lot trickier than that fancy animated gif might make it seem! I also used the barrel and bench from the first picture and put them into the second one, rather than recreate them. Trust me, this sort of job is only for really really anal people! Like me! 

I've often said that I'm the Queen of Photoshop, so here's more proof to back up those bold claims of mine... I mean, I am good at some things, but if I had a super power, it would be PHOTOSHOP!!! 

Here's another slightly disturbing Photoshop job I did last year. I'll never look at Tony Abbot the same way ever again! 
Look, an animated gif! (CLICK ON IT TO MAKE IT WORK)

And another one! (CLICK ON IT TO MAKE IT WORK)

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