Reheated soup

See, it's coming along rather well (I'm still planning to make it a lot better)
Haven't quite decided which direction the hatching should go 
Look, another close-up with even more indecision
 After yesterday's post-it note, I got all revved up and did another initial sketch! What can I say, I likes me Pop Art. Warhol meets Lichtenstein was the look I was going for. Though, I'm more of a Lichtenstein girl myself. I left off the text this time because It'd be too fiddly to do it properly at that size.

Next, I'll scan this baby, blow it up and print it out larger. Then trace it and draw the words in! Then scan it again, take it into Illustrator to vectorise an add colour. THEN, I'll probably take it into Photoshop  and grunge it up a little. Sure it sounds pretty long-winded, but it's not as bad as it seems. The drawing part takes the longest, everything after that is fine.

Expect updates soon! Or not, who knows.

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