The coolest kid in the office strikes back!

BAZINGA! lunch box FTW
Star Wars pen
Dog-shaped staple-free stapler!
Talking Bender figurine. He comes with angry eyes, annoyed eyes and normal eyes!
Unicorn meat! I have a feeling some asshole might get a can opener and see if it's real! 
As I was watching "Beauty and the Geek" last night in my brand new Star Trek robe, I realised something... I could totally be one of those girl-geeks. That is, if I had a freakin masters degree in engineering, or something equally difficult. At the very least, I'm living proof that you don't need a fancy degree for social ineptitude.

Anyway... I've been shopping at ThinkGeek again! It's one of my favourite online stores. Shopping there is like Christmas, but better. Where else could you find Unicorn meat?

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