New additions

I bought two, one to drink and one to keep as a proper collectable. Yes, I'm sad that way.
These are the latest additions to the veritable smörgasbord of Awesomeness that is my cubicle.

Firstly, a bottle of Tru Blood. If I you don't know what it is, then you won't automatically think I'm cool. So, there's no point explaining any further. Secondly, we have Captain CAAAAAVEMAN!!! An awesome superhero who debuted in The Flinstones and got his own show in the 70s.

My first TV memories are of Hanna-Barbera cartoon re-runs, we're talking deeply embedded toddler memories here. Tom & Jerry in particular. I pretty much lived in front of the TV until I was around 13. My school grades and attention span are a testament to this!

Now to the burning question you all must be asking at this stage... Wherever did I find such Awesomeness? Planet Video in Mt Lawley! One of my favourite stores in Perth. It has everything you could possibly want! Clothes, music, books, memorabilia, accessories, posters, ice cream and dvd rentals of course... The book section alone is worth the trip. If you have some spare time, check 'em out!

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