This is why I can't have nice things...

It wasn't even on my desk 2 weeks before it got defiled
Today, it came to my attention that some douche canoe violated my collectable bottle of Tru Blood! It happened on Wednesday — my day off. It was OPENED! The contents are still intact, but that's not the point! Who even does that. I'm not about to get all CSI on anyones ass or anything, but I'm as close to "seething with RAGE" as I get!

I mean seriously, it's not like I left it in the free-for-all that is the 'office fridge'. It was on my desk! Some tool went rifling through my things, picked it up, opened it, screwed the lid back on, then put it back. Apparently, people pinch things off other peoples desks sometimes too... I guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on my awesome stuff now. When I was in Primary School, they taught us to respect other people property. Sure, I never quite got all the times tables or grammar, but somehow this seemed to stick. Funny that!

I can understand how someone might see this on my desk and think "WTF", but to actually come over and open it on my day off is just NOT COOL! If they bothered to have a really close look, they would have noticed that it's carbonated blood orange cider! Seriously, who would have real blood just sitting around on their desk? Now I have to find another one... Thanks a lot, ass bag!

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