The Hopman hangover

"Find a picture of Caroline Wozniacki looking sexy," they told me
Oh, the Hopman Cup magazine. There it is, lurking inside today's paper. Again, I had like a week to scramble around and put this baby together. And again, I'm much more fond of some parts than others. I suppose it's my yearly reminder that I'm not quite the designer I wished I was... I do like it, but it could always be better. Anything could be better with more time, I guess. Some of my colleagues can pull massive liftouts and magazines out of their asses in less than a week, and still manage to do a brilliant job with them. I know I shouldn't compare myself to that, but it's just a little frustrating to admit that it'll take me years to be that good. Anyway, I'm relatively happy with how it turned out. Oh well, I'll do even better next year!

It was hard to find a picture of Hewitt not being a humongous douche
Those are silhouettes of players in the tournament!

Nice big montage because there was no ad for this page

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