Our new leader

One thing I really love about the office is how carried away people get with pranks. If they can't do it themselves, they enlist the help of someone who can! I must admit, I do love using my Photoshop powers for evil once in a while.

So how did this come to pass? Well, an esteemed colleague of mine noticed how another colleague slightly resembled Kim Jong Un, son of Kim Jong Il — the North Korean dictator who just died. Yesterday he asked me if I could put the other colleagues face on that picture if I had a spare moment. Seeing as I love office shenanigans, I obliged. Since it turned out so well, he got a little more elaborate and asked if I could turn it into an Editorial-style poster. He sent me the words and chose the other pictures and I put this baby together in like 5 minutes. It was rather funny, and the dude in the picture even asked if I could email it to him so he could post it on his Facebook page...

Since I'd rather not accidentally piss off North Korea, I took the pictures down... Sure they were good, but this still makes for a pretty good story I think.

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