Testing, testing...

My esteemed colleagues work station. Look, a small elephant!
Things are very close to being finished! Plus, nothing super-bad has happened yet either! {knock-knock} At this stage, we take the pages we've made in inDesign and start putting them on the pages created in the newspaper layout program. I suppose that's an over-simplified explanation, but it'll do. 

Above is a test to make sure everything was the right size and fitted okay... It did! Not that I was expecting otherwise. But after what happened in previous years, I just have a health level of paranoia when it comes to this sort of thing. I put on "TESTER" in nice big letters to make sure anyone who saw that page knew.

Also, if you look closely, you may see that the text is a bit short. That's because the baseline grid in the document kinda died, I've fixed that! I felt the need to mention that for any little designers out there who thought I overlooked it.

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