Another little favour

Super top-secret sneak peek!
Remember when I did that Kim Jong-Il photoshop job? That same co-worker asked me to do another little 'favour'. A design favour this time, if I wasn't too busy of course. And once again, I agreed.

He's part of this community orchestra and they're looking for new members. So he asked if I could make a A5 recruiting poster.

Now, when I do these sorts of free jobs 'out of the goodness of my heart', what I'm really saying is 'seeing as you aren't actually giving me any money, I get to do whatever the hell I want, no changes!' And if any of my friends are reading, this applies to you too! If I choose to do something for free, I'm doing it for fun and by not paying me, you forfeit the whole designer/client experience. Okay, that may be a little harsh, but in my defence I always work at the same standard even if I'm not getting paid. So why this job in particular? Well, it's been such a long time since I've done anything non-newspaper related and I just wanted to see how rusty I am at general design.

I'll be posting the the finished product on Monday! With all the sketches and inspiration etc.

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