Facebook BROKE my foot!!!

This is the STUPIDEST injury I've ever had!
I don't normally post random stuff, but this is way too STUPID and FUNNY not to share! I was actually laughing at the absurdity for most of the day. Also, I'm not pissed at anyone, this was entirely MY OWN EPIC FAIL!

~~~~~~~~~~  HOW FACEBOOK BROKE MY FOOT  ~~~~~~~~~~
I was woken up by my phone this morning. I don't normally get calls or texts before 10am, so I figured it might have been important and I rushed to go see. However, I have one of those Ikea beds with a bed up top and a table underneath... I was half asleep rushing down the ladder, when I lost my footing about half a meter off the ground and fell forward onto my left foot. It was NOT a faceplant! I got my hands out just in time. I've never fallen down the ladder before by the way.

When I finally managed to get off my ass, I checked my phone... IT WAS JUST A STUPID FACEBOOK NOTIFICATION!!!!!!!

After about an hour, my foot still hurt and got a little blue and swollen, so we went to see a doctor. He got me to take an X-ray. I have a small spiral fracture on my 5th metatarsal. I was actually quite lucky though, if it was larger and part of the bone moved, I would have had to get pins inserted. Now THAT would hurt! All I got was a bandage, no cast. However, this little piggy's gonna be on crutches for at least 2 weeks...

From now on, I'll be putting my phone on silent when I go to sleep! I've also turned off push notifications on my facebook app too. Who am I kidding, NOTHING important happens before 10am!!!!!!

*** Amendment 2.2.12 ***
I went to another doctor today, and he said I should go to hospital and get their opinion on whether I should get a cast or ortho boot. I ended up with a cast up to my knee! I'll have that for like 2-6 WEEKS! Or whatever the Orthopaedic specialist decides after having a better look in a week or two. This thing weighs a fucking tonne!
But it wasn't all bad, I found a random flamingo in hospital florist for $20. I know, WTF!
Flamingo in a hospital, WTF! Anyway, his name is Frank.

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