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I've been trawling the interwebz for awesomeness again! Behold, my new impressive wish list...

For the nerd who has everything... Yes, I fall into that category.
MacBook Air Pocket Mirror, available from InfMetry.
Since I'm really finicky about how I open things, I've always been looking for a really cool letter opener.
Saw Letter Opener, currently out of stock at Uncommon Goods.

This is AWESOME! That is all.
Toothbrush holder tooth, designed by Propaganda and available from Design Life Shop.

Just a totally brilliant idea. As far as I can tell, it hasn't gone into mass production for sale unfortunately. I really really want it! Peg pencil, designed by Watanabe Yuta.

Sick of getting a new calendar every year? So am I. Not only does it look like a fantastic sculptural object, but I'd be doing the environment a favour not buying a new paper calendar every year, right?
Small Perpetual Calendar (orange/silver), designed by Gideon Dagan, available from MoMA store.

The only item of office stationary I've had trouble with is the tape dispenser. Design-wise, the humble tape dispenser has been very neglected. Here's a rather awesome attempt by Philippe Starck. However, it was a limited edition and sold out many years ago. *frowns*

Here's one for all the Photography nerds out there. Imagine drinking your coffee out of a camera lens! But don't worry, it has a stainless steel lining and it's easy to clean. Not to mention it comes in both Nikon and Canon for those with brand preference.
Canon Camera Lens Mug, available from Photojojo. Also, Photojojo have many frakin FANTATIC products!!!
In case anyone still buys real CDs and records from physical stores and have a large collection, you totally need dividers! If only for the records, they're hard to flip through quickly. To solve this extremely important first world problem we have the Record Dividers, designed by and available from Suck UK.

Now this is how a staple remover should look! But alas, it's no longer available...
Dinosaur Staple Remover, designed by Jac Zagoory.
When I saw this, I totally flipped! It's not like I'm not a tightwad or anything, I just want to get the most out of life. Anyhow, I must have it!
Tube Wringer, available from Uncommon Goods.

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