My computer died!

Okay, I won't know for sure until tomorrow, when I take it to the Apple Geniuses, but it's not looking good!

For the last week or so, my (almost) 6-year-old iMac G5 started making these funny noises every time I turned it on. Then this morning, I got the question mark folder of doom! It wouldn't even go to the log in screen, so I restarted a few times. Then I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it worked. I backed up everything on my desktop onto an external hard drive, because I'm guessing things won't turn out well tomorrow. A friend of mine said his girlfriends computer died when the question mark folder appeared. OMG what'll I do, I can't even go 3 days without internet!!! =(

Anyway, thanks for visiting and sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be back as soon as I have this whole computer situation sorted out. Farewell for now!

——————————  Monday, 26/03/12 ——————————

It's official... MY COMPUTER HAS DIED!

I could replace the dead hard drive for about $380, but it would be rather pointless to save a nearly 6-year-old slow machine with only 1gb of ram. Everything I installed and all my settings and iTunes stuff would be gone anyway, so it would be easier to start from scratch with a fancy new laptop. Anyway, as I said before... Farewell for now!

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