Step into my office

Pen Lid Desk Tidy — Designed by j-me. Available from the National Gallery of Victoria store
8-Bit Flower Bouquet — Available from ThinkGeek
Ollie the Twitterific Bird -  Designed by The Icon Factory, Available from Neatoshop
Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (No words version) — El Lissitzky
Flamingo from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Florist. Melting Clock – From ThinkGeek
Andy Warhol paper toy - Designed by Matt Hawkins. Download the template here!  
Have you ever wanted to see the rest of the cool stuff in my little cubicle? Now you can! I recently joined Pinterest, another one of those social networking sites. And I made a board of stuff from my cubicle. I should point out that I don't actually have my own office (and I probably won't for a VERY long time). So check out my Pinterest page if you have a spare moment. It's AWESOME!!!

Here's another MYSTERY TRACK!!!

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