Internet Detox: Week 1

Day 1: Sunday July 8, 2012
The first official evening of my Internet Detox: I watched Andy Murray lose the Wimbledon mens singles final. There's just something really pathetic about a grown man crying in front of millions of people. Somehow, it made me feel a little better.

Day 2: July 9
ROSTER FAIL!!!! I came to work on my day off!!! Now what the hell am I supposed to do without internet!! Kill. Me. Now… @_@
I walked home from work then went for an afternoon nap. I discovered that being unconscious is better than being bored… Afterwards, managed to find something on TV, then got bored and started reading.

Day 3: July 10
It's day 3… I know it's a bit early, but haven't done anything 'productive' yet. All I did was watch TV after work. However, I now have the driving manual. But the last time I tried reading it, I got REALLY bored and went for a nap. I won't give up so easily this time, since I literally have nothing else better to do!

Day 4: July 11
W00T W00T PROGRESS! I took a pamphlet for the free work gym. I'll call them tomorrow and make an appointment for a fitness reassessment. Now for the interesting news: I got asked to do a paying freelance graphic design gig by a co-worker! For a logo in fact. It'll be cool, it's been such a long time since I did something that wasn't an infographic or newspaper-related and I'm looking forward to it. One of my goals was to "start drawing/designing/painting again" after all! And I'll have plenty of spare time to work on it…

Day 5: July 12
I'm starting to worry about what I'm going to do on Saturday.... Sunday's fine, I have work to keep me busy. When I got back from holiday a few weeks ago, I started going to public libraries to mooch off their free wi-fi with my laptop — because I'm not a fan of using filthy old public computers. And I've been staying back half an hour after work too. It's starting to get a little pathetic now…
It hasn't even been a week yet, and now even I'm wondering how in the hell I'm gonna last 2 WHOLE MONTHS!!!

Day 6: July 13
I had a night shift today (3pm - 10.30pm), so I got to sleep in well past noon on a weekday! But that got ruined by a fucking creepy nightmare. When I got home today, I watched TV while playing Angry Birds. See! I'm multitasking now! I'd play the same levels over and over to get 3 stars. Still no plans for tomorrow… And I haven't called the work gym either for that fitness reassessment.

Day 7: July 14
Today was beyond pathetic. Last night, I stayed up til 5AM playing solitaire on my computer and listening to music after I completely drained my iPhone battery from playing Angry Birds. I got up at 3 this afternoon and just watched TV. My sister came over for dinner today. Turns out, she thinks my Internet Detox is pointless waste of time. It's really great knowing I don't have support from family OR friends… Maybe this is a GIANT FUCKING WASTE OF TIME???


  1. Thing is, how do you do internet detox and STILL GO ON THE INTERNET?
    Blogs, email, internet at work are all internet.
    Come back when you've taken time off work and not looked at a screen for a month.

    1. Those are some very valid points you have there...
      But you still LOST WIMBLEDON AND CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!! Hahahahahahaha... XD