Progress and possible leads

Study For Little Match Girl
The first "Pop Art" I ever saw
Possible streaky technique I'll use for the hair in the final version
So I finally finished the first study for my first painting! It's the lady from Redheads matches. This brand of matches have been around forever in Australia and it was the first Pop Art I ever saw. I didn't know it when I was a kid though, but I always though it was really cool. It'll look so awesome on a large canvas hanging on a wall.

This first attempt turned out okay. I found a tube of really nice iridescent white for the face. But I applied it somewhat unevenly and I had to patch up certain areas when I hand-smudged some red! The lines aren't as crisp as I'd like — because of the CRAPPY MASKING TAPE — and I'll have to get new brushes too. But aside from that, I think it looks okay for a first attempt. Next time I'll try a streaky technique on the hair for a more textured look. Won't go as dark as that test though.

And now for the masking tape story...
I mentioned a few posts ago that I was looking for some fancy masking tape — 3M 471 Plastic Tape — that people use to air-brush flames and skulls on car bodies and motor cycles. The kind that works well on curves. They don't sell it in Perth so I went on eBay and Amazon.com first and found it. $9.47 + $59.74 SHIPPING!!!!! OMFG!!!! I just CANNOT understand how they get to $59.74 just for shipping!!! Do they have to put a roll of tape in a reinforced steel box filled with magical futuristic packing liquid??? And then I tried looking interstate.

After 2 days of extensive Googling, I managed to find a place in WA that sells the kind of tape I'm after. I came across it quite by accident when I was looking for air-brushing accessory shops over east. The tape they sell isn't the exact brand I want but it is for air-brushing and looks like it'll do the job. When I looked up the location of the shop and saw it was in Midvale — near Midland — I was actually quite surprised. But I knew there were plenty of bogans in WA who'd want skulls and flames painted on the side of their utes/hot rods/choppers and someone has to supply the painters with that fancy tape right?

So then I did a map search and saw a street view of the place... The shop itself is in one of those creepy-looking industrial areas full of warehouses — perfect for a body-dump scene in Dexter or something. But I'm willing to go to Body-dump-vale to fetch this tape. Yes, well, if you don't hear from me in a while you'll know where to look... 

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