Progress and purchases

Ladies and Gentlemen, an A3 light table...
Does this look familiar yet?
So I went to Spotlight yesterday to see if they had that special plastic masking tape I was looking for and left with an A3 LED light table. Okay, it was an impulse buy. But I will actually need it when I trace things for illustration work and art stuff. I already have a light box that I bought a few years ago which still works but now it's too small for what I need it for. This new one is totally awesome, it's really thin and you can adjust the brightness. The only shortfall is the that power cord isn't long enough — get it, shortfall.

Did I mention I got a 27" monitor I got last week which I can't use yet. I'm waiting for the stupid Thunderbolt–to-HDMI cable from eBay to arrive. There's no frickin' way I'd pay $1200 for an Apple monitor!

Having a huge monitor and light table will certainly make drawing, painting and vector work easier... Cause I'll be doing a LOT MORE of that this year. Somehow I'll find the space and time... I just have to...

Speaking of which, I made progress on the study for my first painting. Slow progress. More on that soon... And I'm still trying to find that plastic masking tape, might have to order it online from the eastern states. This is starting to annoy me now!

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