There's an app for that!

Something I picked up in Melbourne (Orange Tiger from Tokidoki)
Whilst fumbling through the endless array of iPhone photography apps, I came across something pretty neat... iPhones can do practically anything these days, and you can now add 3D photography to that list! This ones called 3D Camera by Juicy Bits. It has different shooting modes (grayscale above), as well as a whole bunch of other fancy features you can read through on their website.

So how does it really work?
Well, you take a left and a right picture of an item. The left picture is used to make the red channel and the right picture makes up the green and blue channels. I figured this out when I had a bit of a poke in Photoshop. You can do this manually with regular photos if you just nudge the red channel left and rotate it slightly, but to make photos look more 3D and awesome, there are other methods... which I don't know just yet, so I'll stick to the app for now!


I've been shopping again...

Every time I go to Leederville, I always visit Urban Depot on Oxford St. If you're after quirky gifts for someone who's completely daft and has everything, this is the place for you!

Anyway, this time it was the Camera Pencil Sharpener designed by Kikkerland, an awesome Dutch design company. They also designed my Samurai sword umbrella too, which by the way, you shouldn't bring to work... People will give you funny/frightened looks!


Something useful from the I.T. Department

I discovered it a few weeks ago... For some obscure reason that escapes me now, I had to go downstairs to the Production Department. On the way there, I went past I.T. and saw this little baby going on one of their machines! Who'd have thought that someone from the I.T. Department would have more geeky awesomeness than ME!!! When I got back to my desk, I immediately started looking for a Mac version. DOWNLOAD THIS ONE HERE. Also, there are a few variations HERE. Just because I have a Matrix screen saver, doesn't make me a Geek. It's the Sci-Fi DVD's, Fantasy books, Anime and Manga... (^_^)

Speaking of Awesomeness, I have a few great sites to share... Awkward Stock Photos, Newspaper Blackout and Share Some Candy. Also, in the links panel, the sites I really, really like are now in CAPS, so check 'em out if you have a chance...