Ah, memories...


I watched this as a kid, and still one of my favourites! It's a shame they don't make
old-school cartoons like this anymore.
Here's a fun fact: I have the same birthday as Chuck Jones.


I get all the good jobs…

Click to enlarge... If you dare!
A few weeks ago, they were doing this story for the Inside Cover with a comparison of how Tony Abbott would look without the "love velcro", as a co-worker put it. From what I heard, Abbott participated in some sort of 14-hour Iron Man event, in a stripey banana hammock. Yes, banana hammock. I've never had a chance to use that phrase in conversation before. Anyway, this was then put to a readers vote.

Because none of the other designers felt like spending a few days being forced to stare at the Opposition Leaders junk while photoshopping the carpet off of his chest/stomach between other jobs, the task was bestowed on me. I had to use Ian Thorpe's nipple from another picture, because the fur in that region was too dense (and I even rotated it so the shadow went in the right direction). I also cloned the water-droplet texture from a section of his shoulder, to put across his chest/stomach, to make it look more realistic. But when it went to print, you couldn't really see the finer details because of the stock we print on. I'm just glad I didn't have to remove his leg hair!

We do some pretty weird shit from time to time, and the public actually preferred him with the fur. I've lost faith in democracy as a result! Plus I have this image burned into my brain forever... @_@


"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

Having spent recent months being bored and making other peoples paper toys, I thought it was time I started designing my own, to celebrate getting out of my year-long design rut. I had to make Digit first and it was quite easy to start with, but there's still a bit of trial and error. She's not exactly all that close to being finished just yet, but I thought a sneak peek was in order. When I do eventually finish, I'll have the template ready to download, so that everyone can have a sarcastic robot of their own, silently staring at them with disdain.

For those who aren't familiar with paper toys, visit Cubeecraft, Boxpunx and Macula.