Bernini at 25

Pluto and Proserpina — Bernini (1622)
Today, I made a rather unsettling discovery...

Italian master-sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, created Pluto and Proserpina at the age of 25! I can't even imagine how anyone in their 20s could have turned a giant lump of marble into something that brilliant. Apparently, when it was unveiled, they had to take precautions to protect it because people wouldn't stop touching the figure's skin. There are veins in Pluto's hands and indentations in Proserpina's thigh. The second image looks like a black and white photo. In fact, every sculpture that Bernini ever made is amazing!* 

So why is this unsettling? I'm turning 25 next month! Puts things into perspective, doesn't it.

*In my opinion.


Getting to Nashville via Photoshop

The Musical Fountain at Versailles, from my trip to Paris!!!
Yesterday I did a post on Abdozeedo and their amazing Photoshop tutorials... Today I felt like doing a little before-and-after! This tutorial shows you how to recreate the Nashville filter (from Instagram) in Photoshop. And for all the super smarty-pants people out there, you can even turn that process into an action. So you can do it all with just one click!!!

Instagram your images using Photoshop


Photoshopping like a Boss!

Abduzeedo Photoshop tutorials
Get your Illustrator stuff lookin' grungy here!
Yesterday, I discovered this amazing Photoshop tutorials website. I was looking for a better way to make things I did in illustrator look grungy. I already knew how, but I wanted to see if there was another way. So I did a google search and stumbled upon this!!! Abduzeedo have over 200 free Photoshop tutorials and some of them are actually quite awesome...

They even have Illustrator, Fireworks and Pixelmator tuts as well!