I know EVEN MORE shortcuts!

All the CS6 shortcuts!

Hooray!!!! The CS6 shortcut sheets are finally finished!!! Use the stupid hard-to-see link above to download them. I tried to make it red!

I suppose I've been working on them since the end of November. I did finish them sooner but I was kinda busy and then I found a way to make them even more AWESOME! I finally figured out the stupid Apple modifier key symbols (Command, Shift, Option, Control), and included them on the top. Why are they stupid? Well, the symbols all over drop-down menus but not on the actual Apple keyboard itself! Which makes soooo much sense. I used only the symbols because they really ought to be memorised. Once you do, you can figure out all the shortcuts in any program by yourselves! Something useful to remember is 'shift up', since shifting is movement. Then the others are easy. Everyone knows the squiggly Command key right? The ONLY symbol on the keyboard.

Because I included the symbols instead of words, it took a little longer to double-check everything and get it right the first time. I certainly didn't want to give you guys dodgy stuff riddled with mistakes and spelling errors. And before you ask, we spell 'colour' with a 'u' and 'minimise' with an 's' in Australia, that's just how we roll. So what else is new this time? I modified the leading to make space for even more useful shortcuts! Anyway, I hope you find them useful!

If anyone plans to put my shortcut sheets on their blog/website (or some random Spanish infographic websites, you know who you are), could you mention me, Dijana Jovanovic, and link back to my blog — d-konstruct.blogspot.com 

It's only fair you know, it is my work after all! I'm totally cool with my work being put on other sites like Pinterest or whatever (since it links back to me), in fact that's awesome and I love it. Anyway... I so rarely do things out of the kindness of my heart, so a mention is always nice...