How many times can I f#&% up "Happy Birthday"?

Basically, I haven't picked up a guitar in 5 years... I didn't think it would be this bad!!! Thanks for paying for all those guitar lessons, Dad! I knew the melody and everything, but being in front of a camera kinda made me go all pathetic. Baaaahahahahahaha ^_^

There'll be another blooper reel in a day or two...


So yeah... Here's the big surprise!!! I never realised it'd be that hard to string together a few sentences in front of a camera! Seriously, just wait for the blooper reels!!! I kinda made an ass of myself... with a guitar!

There's a few more random videos here...

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this... I have SO MUCH FUN making this blog so thanks again for visiting everyone!!! ^_^


Super Top-Secret!

Here's a hint! By the way, that's me! In case you didn't know...
It's only a few more days 'til the AWESOME birthday surprise. Though, it's awesomeness will depend on how much I practise (that's another hint!). Most of the preparations are done, so lets hope it doesn't turn into an EPIC FAIL.

As an added bonus, I'll post something REALLY, REALLY FUNNY afterwards! That is, if you folks like laughing someone else's expense!

Also, I now have a fan page for this blog on Facebook... So if you feel like getting updates easier or whatever, click here and 'like' my page!


WTF stamp FTW!

A Designer I work with came back from Sydney today, and he brought back a few little goodies for us. They're called Typo Tramp Stamps from Typo Shop. There's WTF, Crap, Hate This, Fuck Off and This Sucks.
Anyway, it's the most awesome presents EVER!!!

*** Amendment 8.5.11 ***
Since this post was written, I discovered that a Typo store was opened here in Perth back in December. It's upstairs in Harbor Town. So now, these motivational stamps can be yours too! I bought a new one I didn't even know existed... Bullshit.


Birthday Ghost?

Birthday Ghost? Not quite... Two separate projects actually. One for the blog birthday celebrations and the other is a secret! Ooh, it's all so fancy and mysterious. So stay tuned people...

Everyone should go to the Symphony!

Perth Concert Hall
The other night, I went to the Symphony! It was Sibelius' Violin Concerto and Rachmaninov's Symphony No.2 as the main event. It was INCREDIBLE, the soloist was SPECTACULAR!!! The whole evening was just magical. When the intermission finished, a random guy had a mic and got on stage and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes, by the way. We also ran into our friends Mum too, a few rows behind us!

All this aside, there's another reason why I love going to the Symphony so much... As a few of my truly devoted readers may know, I have a strange affinity for Contemporary Architecture, Mid-century Modern Furniture and Designer Chairs (I have many books on these topics which I drool over). Getting back to the point, I'm particularly fond of certain aspects of Perth Concert Hall's interior. Hmm, there's just something about exposed concrete beams and wooden panels that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Weird, I know... Don't even get me started on the chairs!

BIG NEWS: The 1st birthday of this blog is coming up pretty soon, so I'll be doing something a little special!

As of now, I promise I'll cut down on the filtered iPhone pictures. I have been going a little overboard lately, I'll admit.

Here are a few Architecture/Furniture websites I like: The Mid-century Modernist, The Cool Hunter and my absolute favourite Unhappy Hipsters (it's hilarious).



I don't know why, but turtles always seem to have annoyed-looking expressions
Now that I've painstakingly set up my printer, I finally got a chance to scan in and print the first part of my turtle paper toy... to discover that I messed it up a little. I already knew it needed a bit of work though, so I wasn't surprised or anything. I only just finished the initial sketches after all...

And so begins the "Trial and Error" portion of my paper toy design process. Which is basically: Fix — Print — Construct — Repeat... until it's perfect. At which point, it should start taking shape and look as I intended it.

Then, when I'm completely satisfied with the template, comes the really fun part! I finally get to add colour and put on the finishing touches that make it look AWESOME!!!

I may only have a munted, disembodied head right now, but as I mentioned earlier, there's still a lot to do before it actually starts looking like something. So check back every now and then, to see how it's going!


Lazy cat is lazy...

Miyagi sleeping on my beanbag… His beanbag, I should say!
So, what have I been doing lately? The short answer... Reading heaps of Manga. I also quit the Red Bull, again. I am now 1 month sober!

I caught the flu a few weeks back (during summer, I know) and had to take a whole week off work, so I started reading Manga online. Being sick is REALLY BORING!

But anyway, BACK TO WORK!!! I still have a couple of things to take care of, then it's BACK TO WORK!!! I was going to set up my shiny new printer... But, there were all these cords and cartridges and manuals and I kinda gave up cause it was late and I couldn't be bothered figuring it out. Why can't it just magically work when you plug it in? At least it's sitting on my desk now, instead of a box.

Here's a funny rant about why printers were sent from hell to make us miserable! From The Oatmeal. SOOOOO FUNNY!!!