Yeah, I'm pretty over it now. This time, it was the Hopman Cup 4-page Wrap. A walk in the park, compared to that whole magazine nightmare. Again, I didn't have any say over the cover image, and the Sports Editor actually said "make it yellow" this time! But hey, at least I got to do the cover of the paper 2 days in a row. Наша Ана је на прву страницу! Ми ће мо пребити сви!
I've also include a bit of the magazine as well, now that I've had some time to reflect. I don't hate it quite as much anymore. I mean, it's not the best thing I've ever done, but I put it up anyway. If you haven't already, read this post first. I chucked a humongous sad! It's actually quite funny now, I was SO PISSED when I wrote it! HAPPY NEW YEAR, by the way...
And for some bazaar reason, the pictures look a little pixelated. if you click on individual ones, they open up larger in a new window.


I'm easily amused...

Yes, it's quite literally, a flying fuck! I bought it online ages ago and brought it with me to work the other day. It was hilarious! One person offered to buy it off me and a whole bunch asked me where I got it from. You can get it here! IT'S SO MUCH FUN!

I found that other gem when I went to book my trip to Melbourne. We parked right outside the Maylands Medical Centre. Evidently, the place is run by 5-year-olds. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't seek medical attention from a place that uses Comic Sans on their signage. Anyway, I organised my trip at Mum and Dad's "trust-worthy" Serbian travel agent that they always book with. I'll be in Melbourne for 5-days/4-nights from January 10th. I can't wait! 

By the way, I finished Digit, only to discover she has one slight structural integrity issue. Which will be easily fixed. On another tangent, it was seriously hot today. It's still 32° in my room! One day, I'll have air-con… Oh and, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Progress report

Now that things have started to settle down a bit, I managed to find some time to dust off a few old projects… For the multitude of avid readers who've been with me from the very beginning, you may remember the Digit paper toy I started back in April. I've finished off the wheel tracks now, and there are only a few minor bits and pieces left until she's done. I just have to fix up the hair and arms and that's about it!
I also made some gift-wrap too. It's my first proper attempt at designing gift-wrap, and I find this one rather cute. Plus, I printed it out on the large-scale plotter at work
mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, it's nice to feel so motivated again…


And so begins another designers tail of woe and ill-luck…

As previously mentioned, I've been working on the 16-page Hopman Cup magazine. I had around a week to do it (on top of other work) and that last year, I had twice as much time! I somehow managed finish, and I revisited my Red Bull problem to do it. So I thought a super-blury sneak peek was in order.

Now to the woe and ill-luck...
Given how much stuff I had to fit into certain pages and how much space I lacked for it all, I had to approach this whole project with a "What can't I do with this page?" sort of attitude. It's not something I would normally do or suggest, but given the circumstances and the crazy-ass deadline, I didn't have much choice.

Then two days ago, I discovered that the template I was working off of was the wrong size! So I spent the next day frantically fixing every single page. This sort of shit really does happen! It took ages because it threw out text on every page and I had to use practically every trick I knew to fix it all. Plus, ad shapes changed and a player pulled out of the comp last-minute.

I'm happy with how most of it turned out, and yes, some parts aren't so great. I didn't have much say over the cover this time round. I chose different pictures for it and had a different sort of look and feel, but they kinda steam-rolled me, which is a little disappointing because I had complete creative control over it last year. Oh well, it happens all the time in the industry...

Anyway, it comes out next Saturday. Please take into consideration that I managed to pull a 16-page mass-distributed publication out of my ass in around a week before you judge too harshly! 


See, I totally have been doing stuff!

To celebrate over 50 visits to my blog (most of which weren't me, surprisingly), I have a rather long-overdue post to share! That is, of course, if anyone still cares after nearly six months of inactivity. I have actually been doing stuff, work stuff mostly. Not too much personal project stuff unfortunately.

Occasionally I get bigger jobs and back in late-September, I was given the Commonwealth Games liftout to do. Eight pages and around a week to do it. I'm pretty happy with how most of it turned out, but they wanted the logo nice and big on the cover. My favourite parts are the events schedule on the back and the TV viewing guide. By the way, I have pretty bad lighting in my room.

I'm currently working on the Hopman Cup 16-page magazine, and I've got less than a week to do the whole thing (on top of other work). I'm starting to freak out a little because I had twice as much time last year. I'm used to crazy deadlines by now, but this is a little ridiculous! Ahh whatever, I'll manage somehow (and make it look good too, I hope).


Because a 1978 orange Vespa wasn't gonna happen

Quite recently, I've been on the look-out for a new 'set of wheels' (I use the term loosely). And not just any 'set of wheels' either... I really only have two criteria; it has to be orange and it has to look AWESOME! Sure, that may sound a little shallow, but I feel that if you like the look of your 'wheels', you'll be more inclined to take them out for a spin. And mind you, finding anything decent that comes in orange wasn't easy.

I already have an electric bicycle and it's great. Though, I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and I'm starting to feel like taking the 'next step' wouldn't be so bad if it looked this wicked! By having an electric bike, as well as a regular bike, I have the option of being a bit lazy or actually pedalling the proper way. Or I could just learn to drive already...

This bike is the Ticino from Electra, and this particular model has 20 gears and a whole bunch of fancy features that mean absolutely nothing to me. But I did discover today that single gear bikes, cheap as they may be, are bad for hills and a bit annoying.

For anyone else looking for kick-ass old-school bikes, I came across a few other good manufactures along the way that are worth checking out... Vanilla Bikes, Hufnagel Cycles, Viva, Globe Bicycles, Bianchi, the feather model by Fuji Bikes.


Ah, memories...


I watched this as a kid, and still one of my favourites! It's a shame they don't make
old-school cartoons like this anymore.
Here's a fun fact: I have the same birthday as Chuck Jones.


I get all the good jobs…

Click to enlarge... If you dare!
A few weeks ago, they were doing this story for the Inside Cover with a comparison of how Tony Abbott would look without the "love velcro", as a co-worker put it. From what I heard, Abbott participated in some sort of 14-hour Iron Man event, in a stripey banana hammock. Yes, banana hammock. I've never had a chance to use that phrase in conversation before. Anyway, this was then put to a readers vote.

Because none of the other designers felt like spending a few days being forced to stare at the Opposition Leaders junk while photoshopping the carpet off of his chest/stomach between other jobs, the task was bestowed on me. I had to use Ian Thorpe's nipple from another picture, because the fur in that region was too dense (and I even rotated it so the shadow went in the right direction). I also cloned the water-droplet texture from a section of his shoulder, to put across his chest/stomach, to make it look more realistic. But when it went to print, you couldn't really see the finer details because of the stock we print on. I'm just glad I didn't have to remove his leg hair!

We do some pretty weird shit from time to time, and the public actually preferred him with the fur. I've lost faith in democracy as a result! Plus I have this image burned into my brain forever... @_@


"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

Having spent recent months being bored and making other peoples paper toys, I thought it was time I started designing my own, to celebrate getting out of my year-long design rut. I had to make Digit first and it was quite easy to start with, but there's still a bit of trial and error. She's not exactly all that close to being finished just yet, but I thought a sneak peek was in order. When I do eventually finish, I'll have the template ready to download, so that everyone can have a sarcastic robot of their own, silently staring at them with disdain.

For those who aren't familiar with paper toys, visit Cubeecraft, Boxpunx and Macula.


A blog is born...

Hello, and welcome to my first post.... Can't really say I know how this all works just yet, but I wanted to give it a shot and see how it looked. I'm planning to have some kind of background picture but it's late and I can't be bothered figuring it out right now. It may look a bit shit at the moment, but I'll fix it all up when I figure out how!

This wont be one of those super-lame blogs where someone constantly rants about their feelings and things they don't like. However, this is a blog and I probably will end up ranting occasionally, so I'll try to make it amusing... Also, just try to imagine everything you're reading spoken with a sarcastic tone of voice, because that's how I sound most of the time.

I apologise in advance for my lousy grammar, I just know it's going to be bad. ^_^