Noteworthy typography

As promised, here is the first instalment of stuff I picked up at the UWA Save the Children book sale. There's still another 40 pictures to go, and that's just the sheet music! Next is books, then the records on Black Soup!

Most of these are from the 50s. It's easy to date them because sheet music has a copyright date on every page. Some of these are even before 1920! I did end up buying most of them, I just couldn't help myself, they were sooooo pretty! As a result of this book sale, I'm actually going to start collecting vintage sheet music. Because they're excellent examples of illustration and typography from different eras — not just because they look pretty! That would be shallow.


Kustom QR

QR code in my logo!!! (click on the pictures for better resolution)
Humongo QR code that leads you to my blog! How nifty is that?
I was chatting with an esteemed colleague of mine today and the topic of conversation somehow turned to QR codes. Can't for the life of me remember how. But anyway, if you have a QR scanning app on your smartphone, you can scan these codes and get directed to websites — like mine for example. Being a lover of blatant self-promotion, I just had to give this a try.

So, my esteemed colleague showed me how to generate my own QR code... You can make one by going to Google URL Shortener. First, paste in the URL of your site. Then in the top right, the magically generated QR code appears for your newly-shortened URL. I saved the image onto my desktop, vectorised it in Illustrator, customised it a little and put it into my logo — since I had nothing better to do this evening aside from TV. Maybe when I have more time I'll tweak it a little more.

If you'd like to see some other neat examples of QR code art, check out this site.

On a side note, I've been photoshopping all the images for the upcoming UWA Save the Children book sale sheet music MEGAPOST!!!! It's taking a while, but it will be AMAZING!!! I promise! 


Get ready!

The other day, I went to the UWA annual Save the Children book sale. Not only do they sell books, but sheet music and records as well! I wasn't planning on buying any sheet music, but being the design nerd that I am, I couldn't help myself! I even got a few classic books too, there was one from 1889!
Anyway, I took a LOT of pictures of the amazing typography from the vintage 50s sheet music, records and books. This is only a small glimpse of what I'll post soon!!! Trust me, it is just FANTASTIC!!! I'll be posting the  nicely illustrated records on Black Soup...
I'll do the sheet music first, there'll be OVER 50 AMAZING PICTURES!
A glimpse of sheet music from 1953
More sheet music, from after 1930?
Art Deco-style book of short stories by Guy De Maupassant, 1929
50s Tchaikovsky record. See more LP cover art at Black Soup


If I had a super power...

About a week ago, a co-worker asked me for a little favour... I don't normally do favours, but this one involved money. Like most little designers, I turn into a dancing monkey at the prospect of payment. But this was a pretty cool little project and I had some spare time, so I really didn't mind. Plus, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out too.

Anyway, my co-worker's friend was turning 60. So, as part of a larger present, my co-worker wanted a picture of them two together, but with the bodies of hot chicks! She would have asked her son to do it, but sometimes when you ask children for favours, it could get done anywhere between now and the end of the year. I have been guilty of that one myself a few times.

When it comes to substitution jobs like this, everything hinges on the right base photo. It wouldn't matter how magical your Photoshop powers are, if you have a bad base photo, no amount of magic can save it! Once I found the photo, it was all pretty easy. I even made the new bodies a little thinner as well. Does that make my evil? 

The only slightly tricky part was adding tone and shadow on the friends face, since it was a dusk shot and the others were in full sun. I'll admit I could have done it a bit better if I more time. Adding light and shadow, whilst matching the colours, is quite hard and one of the skills that separates Gods from mere mortals! In the end, I did 4 versions: colour, old picture colour, black/white and sepia. I liked the black/white one the most.
My co-worker

Her friend in Indonesia (her husband is kinda important so he's been pixelated)
A random pic I found online... They did have heads by the way!
And... Ta-DAAA!!!
This was another, somewhat larger, Photoshop favour that my boss asked me to do for different co-worker — during night-shifts, when there wasn't too much happening. This co-workers sister had these two photos of some hotel in California, and thought that there was some magical program that just gets rid of the people!!! But my co-worker knew you had to get an actual person to do it. 

It might not look like it took that long... BUT IT DID. Not to mention, it was fiddly as hell! The first one wasn't too bad, but that second one made me a little cranky! Rebuilding that wooden railing on that ramp was quite tricky. A lot trickier than that fancy animated gif might make it seem! I also used the barrel and bench from the first picture and put them into the second one, rather than recreate them. Trust me, this sort of job is only for really really anal people! Like me! 

I've often said that I'm the Queen of Photoshop, so here's more proof to back up those bold claims of mine... I mean, I am good at some things, but if I had a super power, it would be PHOTOSHOP!!! 

Here's another slightly disturbing Photoshop job I did last year. I'll never look at Tony Abbot the same way ever again! 
Look, an animated gif! (CLICK ON IT TO MAKE IT WORK)

And another one! (CLICK ON IT TO MAKE IT WORK)


Reheated soup

See, it's coming along rather well (I'm still planning to make it a lot better)
Haven't quite decided which direction the hatching should go 
Look, another close-up with even more indecision
 After yesterday's post-it note, I got all revved up and did another initial sketch! What can I say, I likes me Pop Art. Warhol meets Lichtenstein was the look I was going for. Though, I'm more of a Lichtenstein girl myself. I left off the text this time because It'd be too fiddly to do it properly at that size.

Next, I'll scan this baby, blow it up and print it out larger. Then trace it and draw the words in! Then scan it again, take it into Illustrator to vectorise an add colour. THEN, I'll probably take it into Photoshop  and grunge it up a little. Sure it sounds pretty long-winded, but it's not as bad as it seems. The drawing part takes the longest, everything after that is fine.

Expect updates soon! Or not, who knows.


Cream of the crop

It seems as though I've made a habit of scribbling sketches on post-it notes!
After a few weeks of idleness, it's back to work... SIDE PROJECT WORK ^_^

As some of you truly avid followers may remember, a month or so ago, I started up an new blog — Black Soup! Devoted to my new-found love of records and 50s/60s cover art. Not only do I post plenty of pictures, I upload really really awesome tracks from my collection too! Find out more here.

However, I was slightly slow to pretty it up, so to speak. I feel bad that I've left "Under construction" on the banner for quite a while! Now, it's on the top of my designer to-do list. That just means I'll probably finish it before the end of the month. Or maybe even sooner than that, it all depends on how motivated I get... 

Here's a little *MYSTERY TRACK*


Does it come in orange?

The 1974 Volkswagon Karman Ghia
I just love that grill
Behold, the Volkswagon Karmann Ghia, in all her citrusy glory!!! My dream car...

Originally designed in 1953 by Luigi Segre, as a classier high-end version of the Beetle. It was well-received as a prototype and went into production in 1955. What I love most is that gorgeous tiny double grill and the fact this baby manages to be cute and stylish at the same time, with a profile reminiscent of a 50s Jaguar.

"Of all the classic cars to be your dream car, why this one?" I hear you ask... The primary reason — most classic cars, though beautiful in themselves, are somewhat "over the top". I mean, I love tail fins as much as the next girl, but for me, the Karmann Ghia is "just enough".

So why the random post about a car? For no particular reason today, I went on carsales.com.au and randomly looked it up. I found 3 in WA, and as fate would have it, this one was ORANGE! It was $20,000 too, by the way. It's times like this that I kick myself for not being able to drive yet. But anyway, I don't normally go to car websites, so this could have been destiny! Kidding, kidding. Seriously though, I could totally see myself driving this baby... And before everyone goes and poops all over my dreams, I know that parts are probably hard to find/expensive and they most likely take loads of money and maintenance to keep on the road. But I can always dream... ^_^

The 1978 Vespa 150cc Sprint — my first love (via my old phone's dodgy camera)
Or the "orange death-trap", as my dad called it
Now to the bitter-sweet story of my first love...

Ah, we first met in the winter of '09, through the window of Planet Video. But unfortunately, it was not to be. My dad wasn't quite as smitten as I was. He wasn't so much against me buying a scooter, it was more the fact that it'd be hard to find parts and stuff... But all I heard was: "Blah blah blah death-trap, blah blah blah where are you going to find parts, huh? Blah blah blah NO!!!", except in Serbian. So from there, I spent many months trying to forget my sorrow and piece together the fragments of my broken heart. Looking at these photos again, I feel a slight twinge of sadness even still. My first love, however fleeting it may have been, will remain with me forever...


Aww, how cute!

Consumerism — Get 'em while they're young!
I was in IKEA the other day. As I was leaving, I saw these trollies and thought "Aww"!!! ^_^