Getting there...

Yes, it's still under construction!
Black Soup finally has a new banner! Sure, I've still got quite a few bits and pieces to do, but it does look a little better than it did before... And who doesn't love a bit of Akzidenz Grotesk? I'll totally finish this soon! I realise I've bee saying that for months now, but this is getting ridiculous.

Here's another MYSTERY TRACK!


Kimi at the Astor

The second support act Husky
Here they are again!
Kimbra again, with a slight wardrobe malfunction...
My best shot of the evening
Lots of crazy-hands going on!

On Saturday the 17th, I had the amazing privilege of watching Kimbra perform live at the Astor theatre. I can't say I've been to that many concerts, but this is the best one I've been to so far! There were two support acts which were surprisingly good too. Then Kimbra graced the stage with "Settle Down" as the opening number. Which I'll upload very soon here! My favourite song of the evening was "Plain Gold Ring", a Nina Simone cover. Above is her of it, you must watch this video!!!

Some singers sound really crappy and disappointing live. Kimbra however, was brilliant! I wasn't planning on going into the mosh pit, but halfway through the first support act I just thought "What the hell!" and ended up right in the middle, three bodies back from the stage! Sure, my legs hurt like crazy and I was surrounded by weirdos with B.O. and absolutely no space, but none of that mattered... IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!

So yeah... I got some excellent shots! I know, I kinda went overboard with the Hipstamatic again!


The coolest kid in the office strikes back!

BAZINGA! lunch box FTW
Star Wars pen
Dog-shaped staple-free stapler!
Talking Bender figurine. He comes with angry eyes, annoyed eyes and normal eyes!
Unicorn meat! I have a feeling some asshole might get a can opener and see if it's real! 
As I was watching "Beauty and the Geek" last night in my brand new Star Trek robe, I realised something... I could totally be one of those girl-geeks. That is, if I had a freakin masters degree in engineering, or something equally difficult. At the very least, I'm living proof that you don't need a fancy degree for social ineptitude.

Anyway... I've been shopping at ThinkGeek again! It's one of my favourite online stores. Shopping there is like Christmas, but better. Where else could you find Unicorn meat?

This is why I can't have nice things...

It wasn't even on my desk 2 weeks before it got defiled
Today, it came to my attention that some douche canoe violated my collectable bottle of Tru Blood! It happened on Wednesday — my day off. It was OPENED! The contents are still intact, but that's not the point! Who even does that. I'm not about to get all CSI on anyones ass or anything, but I'm as close to "seething with RAGE" as I get!

I mean seriously, it's not like I left it in the free-for-all that is the 'office fridge'. It was on my desk! Some tool went rifling through my things, picked it up, opened it, screwed the lid back on, then put it back. Apparently, people pinch things off other peoples desks sometimes too... I guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on my awesome stuff now. When I was in Primary School, they taught us to respect other people property. Sure, I never quite got all the times tables or grammar, but somehow this seemed to stick. Funny that!

I can understand how someone might see this on my desk and think "WTF", but to actually come over and open it on my day off is just NOT COOL! If they bothered to have a really close look, they would have noticed that it's carbonated blood orange cider! Seriously, who would have real blood just sitting around on their desk? Now I have to find another one... Thanks a lot, ass bag!


New additions

I bought two, one to drink and one to keep as a proper collectable. Yes, I'm sad that way.
These are the latest additions to the veritable smörgasbord of Awesomeness that is my cubicle.

Firstly, a bottle of Tru Blood. If I you don't know what it is, then you won't automatically think I'm cool. So, there's no point explaining any further. Secondly, we have Captain CAAAAAVEMAN!!! An awesome superhero who debuted in The Flinstones and got his own show in the 70s.

My first TV memories are of Hanna-Barbera cartoon re-runs, we're talking deeply embedded toddler memories here. Tom & Jerry in particular. I pretty much lived in front of the TV until I was around 13. My school grades and attention span are a testament to this!

Now to the burning question you all must be asking at this stage... Wherever did I find such Awesomeness? Planet Video in Mt Lawley! One of my favourite stores in Perth. It has everything you could possibly want! Clothes, music, books, memorabilia, accessories, posters, ice cream and dvd rentals of course... The book section alone is worth the trip. If you have some spare time, check 'em out!


What a Wonderful World

The best $10 I ever spent!

A giant freaking squid! Oh, what amazing cross-hatching!!!
My favourite illustration in the whole book

An actor portraying royalty with fake nails
Thomas Edison producing electricity
Giant Centipede

Rhabdosphere? Haven't got a clue, maybe I'll read this section!

Leaf Insects
Not the most PC book either
Explanation of how photographs are produced
A Sponge skeleton 
Tattooed Japanese servant
Simply put, this is the best $10 I've ever spent! Worst $10 being every Showbag I've ever bought in my entire life. Again, I found "The World of Wonders" at the UWA Save the Children book sale. This amazing book was written in 1889, and not only is it filled with beautiful illustrations, it's a fantastic read and quite funny/non-PC in parts too. It even refers to tribespeople savages!

What I really love is how it explains everything from photographs to fossils in a time when the world was still filled with mystery and these amazing discoveries weren't widely known. What makes it so special is that most reference books these days are written in a neutral way, this book however, is not. You could very easily imagine an extremely English, middle-aged, pompous scholar narrating this book! Here's a funny little passage from the Tattoo section:

The practice of tattooing the skin has probably, at one time or another, been universal throughout the world. We still, however, occasionally see the school-boy disfiguring or adorning his arms and hands by rude tattooings, of which he is sufficiently proud—at least until, having arrived at years of discretion,  he sees the folly of his ways.  Our sailors too, are often tattooed with various designs symbolical of their calling. 

I know I keep harping on about it, but I can't believe I managed to find something this amazing! And for only $10! 


More noteworthy typography

Here's another lot of sheet music covers from the UWA annual Save the Children book sale. Sooo pretty. And there's still PLENTY more where this came from too! I'm actually kicking myself now for not buying ALL the sheet music I took photos of. Damn my initial stingyness!!!
Anyway, there'll be more sheet music soon! Then books! There's one really amazing book in particular that I'll do an in-depth post about. So, stay tuned... It will be very awesome!