Ahoy, me hearties!

Does that rope look familiar?
Yo ho ho!
I'm working on another little project. I won't give any hints just yet, but these are the first super-rough sketches. Lets just say it'll be both useful and EPIC! I was so into it that I stayed up til nearly 4am drawing! I might even break out the water colours!

It's been such a long time since I actually drew things by hand (illustrative work). I was rather happy to discover I can still draw and emulate other styles as well — Sailor tattoos. Art by Sailor Jerry and Angelique Houtkamp was particularly inspiring.


Eames Ink

Eames Lounge Chair tattoo
I saw this on Facebook the other day and could not stop laughing. I love the Eames Lounge Chair, but not that much hahahahaha...


Come on Eileen!

E1027 Adjustable Side Table — Eileen Gray (1927)
On Sunday, I bought my first piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture!!! It's the E1027 Adjustable Side Table, designed by Irish furniture designer Eileen Gray in 1927. Okay, it may slightly more Art Deco than Mid-Century, but hey, it's FREAKIN AWESOME!!! This pieces was designed for her summer house in the south of France called E1027.

"How ever did you find such awesomeness in Perth?" I hear you ask! Well, I saw a small furniture ad in the paper last week with a picture of it and I lost my shit! I was like ERMAGERD SERD TERBLE!!! Then on Sunday, I went over to Go-Go Furniture in Osborne Park to check it out! They also have quite a few other affordable bits and pieces I'm eyeing for later (EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR and really cool couches). The chances of finding an E1027 Adjustable Side Table in Perth of all places was slim to none, so I couldn't leave without buying it!!! I'll totally hit this place up again... When I move out... Eventually...

Also, that is not my picture. I couldn't bring myself to take one because it made the rest of the furniture in my room look ugly.