They're almost done! Just have to make the Illustrator one... 
About a week ago, I got Adobe CS6 Design standard edition. The fully-legit paid-for version. No more dodgy business for me! So I figured it was about time to update the shortcut sheets. I'll upload them in a week or two when I've finished the Illustrator one.

Did I oversell it? Maybe just a little. =D



I'd just like to thank everyone for visiting over the last two-and-a bit years. I certainly never thought I'd reach 20,000 quite so quickly! There'd be no point having a blog if there was no one there to see it. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by!!! \(^_^)/


Shagadelic weekend!

Me with Shag (A.K.A. Josh Agle)!!!
Minotaur — Shag (2008)
On Saturday I met my favourite (living) artist, Shag (short for JoSH AGle) again. It was at a book signing for a new exhibition at Outré Gallery in perth! I met him a few years ago at Outré Gallery, also a book signing. I'm always surprised that he keeps visiting Perth, seeing as how it's so out-of-the-way. But I'm extremely glad he does!

Anyway, when I met him this time, I got his newest book signed. But that's not all! I bought a print, 'Minotaur', and got that signed the back too. And because I felt like pushing my luck just a little further, I asked to take a photo with him as well! I was quite pleased with myself this time, I didn't turn into too much of a gibbering fan-girl. But I was smiling like a total jack-ass... (^_^)


If you want to see more of his TOTALLY AWESOME work, check out his website!!!


Perpetual bliss

Small Perpetual Calendar  (1998) — Gideon Dagan for MoMA store
Many months ago, this calendar was part of my online shopping list. I later found out from a (now former) co-worker that a store in Perth sold them. Originally, I wanted the orange/silver one, however Venn store never seemed to have them in stock when I was there. Then the other day, I received a call informing me they were back in stock!

When I got to there, I saw the orange/silver one next to the red/black and all-silver ones. I had a tough decision to make. I really like orange, however the combination of red and black is always striking. I stood there staring at the two calendars for several minutes. I'm not even kidding.

Getting back to the point... Sometimes, what you want isn't really what you want. Over time one's taste evolves. In the end, the reason I chose the red/black one was that it looks very Bauhaus and cool — not to mention it goes well with the other things in my cubicle.

Also, the best thing about having a perpetual calendar is that I'll need to buy a desktop calendar ever again!

————————— COMING SOON —————————

I'll be doing a series of posts about Open House Perth.

Get ready for my best pictures of Perth Arena and other notable buildings from Perth's skyline!

After that, an awesome Photoshop Tutorial.
How to photoshop one person's face onto another person's body. With all the special tips and tricks I use to make it look more realistic!