When magic still existed...

I know I don't normally post music here or anything, but I discovered the most beautiful Classical piece I've ever heard and felt compelled to share it!!!

Yesterday, I went on a vinyl hunt at a couple of op shops in Osbourne Park. While sifting through the regular dross — Kamal, Liberace, country music — I came across a few early-60s Readers Digest 10-record box-sets. All in amazing condition too! {JACKPOT}

The track that really jumped out at me is "Lotus Land", composed in 1901 (I think) by Cyril Scott. It was originally a solo piano piece but the version on my record is an orchestral arrangement performed by Wally Stott and his "Sounds of Paradise" Orchestra. I had a look on YouTube afterwards and found that really nice duet version, which I think I like even more. It just seems more intimate with less instruments. However, I do find the orchestral version more enchanting. But that's just my humble opinion.

It's the sort of song that makes me believe magic must have existed once. The same kind of magic in Pre-Raphaelite paintings. But enough with the flowery loser-talk. If you have any interest in Classical Music at all, please listen to them both, you won't regret it. Trust me, I've listened to a LOT of Classical Music and I'm not one to exaggerate or use the word 'magical' so lightly!

Here's a related link about my trip to the Symphony...


Attack of the Viking Queen!

 There are no words for this...
What the tour group would have seen as they walked past
Every Thursday, at around 5pm, a tour group goes past the Editorial Department. The guide always stops close to my cubicle and says "Here is the desk of the legendary Rob Broadfield" (or Gary Adshead, depending on who's there on the day). He never even mentions us designers or subs! Then they stop at the place where the SkyNews lady does weather readings.

Anyway, I was chatting with a co-worker and said "I should totally wear that Viking helmet the next time they come by, I'll sit at my desk and freak them out!" Then, all of a sudden, the tour group slowly started coming towards us! She dared me to do it... And I did!!! I could barely stop myself from cracking up! She said some guy was staring at me the whole time with a full-on WTF expression!

I should point out, it's not my Viking helmet. They're just randomly strewn throughout the office. I borrowed it from the guy sitting next to me. He also wore a random hat as the group walked past. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they won't forget it! Plus, I got an awesome new profile pic for my facebook page! ^_^


"They're just little trees."

"They're just little trees" — What a guy in sport told his kids.
So today, I ate broccoli for the first time. I wasn't pleased. How did this happen? Well, it all started last friday...

West Coast were playing Geelong at Subi oval. Normally I wouldn't care, but I had a night shift at work and if the Eagles won, I'd have to make extensive changes to the paper between editions. So I was kinda hoping the Eagles would lose, plus Geelong are on top of the AFL ladder! I thought it'd be fine. I kept going on and on about how the Eagles would lose, or something to that effect, to my boss and the other designers.

Sooooo, they got me to make a little bet... If the Eagles won, I'd have to eat a serve of vegetables of their choosing. I said something along the lines of: "Yeah sure whatever, bring it!" Then they had a little discussion and decided on broccoli. Cooked, with no dips or seasoning.

Later that night, Geelong lost by 2 goals!!! That'll teach me to have any interest in football ever again!

I know this blog is supposed to be design related, but this was pretty funny and it did happen at work!


We're gonna need a montage

This was how the cover looked initially.
Damn you, Woodside!
I do a lot of graphs like this.
Look, another one!
At least I got to keep the LNG tanker in the strap. 
Here's a little liftout I worked on quite recently for Business. They specifically asked for a montage of LNG, iron ore mining and steel works, because that's what this conference thing was for. So I did the best I could.

Initially, I had the whole page to work with for the cover, and a few days later marketing sold an ad there so I had to change it. Then, on the day it was supposed to be sent, someone noticed that the ad had a similar picture of an LNG tanker. So, I had to use an LNG platform instead. It kinda messed up the composition, but I couldn't really do much about that. Damn you, Woodside!!! Ruining my cover!!!

I also did a few tables and graphs throughout as well. I should point out, I do graphs like that ALL the time. The tanker got to stay in the straps at least (the thing at the top of the page is called a strap in newspaper-talk).

This is what I do when I'm not busy meeting famous people...


Sweet, sweet music...

This is what music looks like!

After all the excitement of last month, I decided to take it easy for a while. I've been recording tracks from some of the records I've found, then uploading them. As I've probably mentioned several times before, I bought a usb record player and I downloaded some free recording software called Audacity. It removes clicks/pops and noise as well. All the tracks I've uploaded really kick ass! If you want to hear the awesomeness for yourself, visit black soup!

The site's still under construction, though. I'll finish it when I'm less dead.