The mysterious coffee table

The mysterious coffee table on Morcheeba's "Big Calm" album cover
Astro Coffee Table — E. Gomme for G Plan (1960s)
I finally found out who designed this awesome coffee table! It was bugging me for years!

Back when I bought "Big Calm" by Morcheeba, I thought it was pretty cool. I knew that there was an Eames Lounge Chair on the right and the chick was sitting on a Bertoia Diamond Chair, but I could never find that table!

Then yesterday, I did a few google image searches and somehow there it was! I typed in "glass and wood coffee table retro" and found it among a whole bunch of random tables, the caption mentioned G Plan. So then, I typed in "G Plan coffee table" and BINGO! Turns out G Plan was an English furniture manufacturing company from the 50s-80s. In a funny way, that kinda explains why it's on Morcheeba's album cover. 

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