The chair of my dr-eames

1. Eames Lounge Chair — Charles and Ray Eames (1956)
When I become obscenely wealthy, I'll have a place like this with all the chairs!

2. Barcelona Chair — Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (1929)
3. Corona Chair —Poul M. Volther (1961) 
4. Ball Chair — Eero Aarnio (1966)
5. La Chaise — Charles and Ray Eames (1948)
6. Diamond Chair — Harry Bertoia (1952)
7. Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge — Charles Edouard Jeanneret A.K.A. Le Corbusier (1929)
8. Tulip Chair — Eero Saarinen (1957)
9. Coconut Chair — George Nelson (1955)
10. Wassily Chair — Marcel Breuer (1927) 
11. Egg Chair — Arne Jacobsen (1958)
The chair display at the NGV. Here are more pix from my trip to Melbourne!
I first saw the Eames Lounge Chair when I started watching Frasier in highschool. And yes, I do realise how strange that is. Anyway, Frasier had a very stylish apartment and although I don't agree with all of their decorative choices, I couldn't help but admire the place. But I digress...

It wasn't until my second year of studying Graphic Design that I discovered who created this masterpiece of Mid-century Modern Furniture. We were doing these boring presentations about famous designers in history and a classmate did his on design duo, Charles and Ray Eames. I also found it rather odd that our lecturer let him do his presentation on Furniture Designers instead of a Graphic Designer.

After extensive googling, I discovered more and more about the Eames' and stumbled across the amazing world of Mid-century Modern furniture and decor (ever watched Mad Men). I love designer chairs in particular. This post was only going to be about the Eames Lounge Chair, then it grew to my Top 5, then Top 11! Why chairs? I haven't got a clue! Perhaps I'll do a Top 10 of my favourite general furniture later...

So, what is it about the Eames Lounge Chair huh? Put simply, it's perfect. Elegant, beautiful, comfortable, iconic... I could keep going! The only draw-back being a rather hefty price tag. Sure, there are plenty of cheap knock-offs all over the place, but an authentic Herman Miller reproduction costs thousands. To get one in Perth would cost $AU7487, last time I checked (at Living Edge on Newcastle St). Which is nuts! In the US, it's around $AU5500, depending on what type of wood panels you choose. I want santos palisander, a type of fancy rosewood and the most expensive option. Such a lovely pattern, much better than walnut and cherry.

When I saw a proper Herman Miller reproduction for the first time, the wood panels had a finish that felt like brushed steel, the cushions were covered in the softest leather I'd ever had the privilege of sitting on. Like they were made from the fanciest cows in Italy. All I can say is, it's one thing to see pictures and quite another to actually sit on it! It just felt 'right'. The second time I saw one was in a giant room full of designer chairs in the National Gallery of Victoria. Nearly every chair that I ever wanted was in that room! It was amazing!

Anyway, I had a really hard time putting these awesome chairs in order of preference, but it's just my opinion. I totally could have gone Top 20! I think I need a life...

For more on Mid-century Modern Furniture, visit:
Herman Miller, Vitra, Knoll, Louis Paulsen (for lighting), The Mid-century Modernist and Modernica.


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